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Upload your designs

Upload your designs

Create projects and get your mockups, wireframes, illustrations, flyers and brochures organized. Moqhub works effortlessly with every common image format, from .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .TIF, .SVG, .PDF, .PSD (Photoshop) and more.

Create prototypes

Share your work

Get your clients and peers in on the action. Use Slack, Mail, Facebook, and more to share your digital vision with others with a direct link. Present your work visually.

Share your work

Get feedback

Get direct feedback on your designs with comments shown at precise positions. Let your clients and colleagues create annotations on images and multipage PDFs. They don't even need to register to get involved.

Built for Design Freelancer, Developer and Marketing Experts
focused on improving user experiences.

Why Moqhub?

If there is anyone who understands how tough proofing on design or text can be, it is us. Whether you are a Freelance designer, Web & UX Designer, Marketer, Educator or Product Developer, the need for point-specific feedback from clients will always be there. You need to evaluate your design against the initial requiremend to confirm you are on the right track, all while getting an invaluable second opinion. After all, the sucess of the final product or launch rests on a successful design review.

Web & UX design

Collect feedback faster, cheaper and in a more natural environment. Track Customer Satisfaction and build up solid relationships. Showcase your creative work to the crowd to get more attraction.

Software development

Share annotated screenshots with your team by using one simple link in tools like Slack, Trello or your favourite project management environment.

Product development

Let others review your schematics of physical products or get feedback about your next product idea. Improve it step by step till it reaches perfection.

Share your work
  • Boost your design process
  • Improve efficiency and user experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Supercharge communication
  • View, markup and annotate
  • Track changes

About Moqhub

Moqhub is a game-changer for Developers, Web & UX Designers, Product Developers, and other freelancers. Designed to enhance your user experience through constructive design feedback, Moqhub is easy and affordable for all.

We turn the traditionally messy and complex feedback undertaking into one streamlined process under on clean roof. Even if you don't have clients, our survey network can help. Whether design review is compulsory for your project, or you merely want the input of a 'second eye', Moqhub always has you covered. Start 'moqing up' today.

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