Boost your Design Process

Feedback on Design Tool for mockups, wireframes and web prototypes

As a freelancer handling multiple projects for multiple clients at the same time is a big issue.
For each client you want to shoot for the moon.

So register to get feedback on design to improve the communication with your clients

Upload your Designs.
Share them with your clients.
Get your Feedback.

Even without registration by your clients.

Upload your Designs

Upload your Designs

Organize your Mockups and Wireframes in single projects. You can use every common image format. It is also possible to make an URL Snapshot of live projects.

Create Prototypes

Create Prototypes

Create your own Website Prototypes with just a few steps. Just connect your Designs after your upload and move through your App as it is finished.

Get Feedback

Get Feedback

Involve your Colleagues and Customers by sharing your work with Slack, Mail, Facebook and others. You just share a link and your audience can give you feedback directly in the Mockup at the relevant positions.

User Experience Testing

Click Dummy

Connect your Mockups to a working Prototype by simple Click - Mouse Move - Click to place a Link to another Mockup.

Test UX

After you created your Click Dummy your Clients can Click through your Prototype. Receive your customers Feedback about the User Experience (UX) of your generated Product during your creation process.